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For too many years, musicians have struggled to break free from the ‘chains that bind them’ from the traditional record company machine and locked distribution system. In today’s social business age, a new paradigm emerges — a full service label that provides independent and established artists alike with a fully customized digital platform to reach audiences worldwide.  Superstar Records provides conception-to-digital delivery support to Artists on a full ‘ala carte’ basis.

Our Artists directly participate in the ownership and control of their music and, also, maintain a 24/7 forum to communicate with fans old and new, market merchandise, gain critical audience feedback and connect fans to live performances and happenings (in person or on the web) around the globe.


We’re the true “one stop” solution for both established and emerging  artists and can provide service including:


  • Songwriting and Arrangements

  • Album Concepts

  • Graphic Design and Packaging

  • ‘A’ List Studio Musicians

  • Studio Rental and Management

  • Full Production Services

  • Mastering

  • Digitization

  • Digital Distribution

  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

  • A&R Services

  • 360 Deals

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Tour Logistics and Support

  • Tour Merchandise

  • Street Team Management

  • Fan Base Communication and Interaction

  • Legal Services and Representation

  • Consulting about touring, live performances, etc.

  • Full video production services

  • Placement opportunities in television, film, games and ringtones

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